PDPAC TM 1000 Ultimate is a ruggedized Partial Discharge (PD) Diagnostic System that offers real time PD recording, pattern analysis using a powerful PDFusion Max for effective analysis of PD data in high noise environment. It is an integrated system that is capable of performing both snap shot and short term monitoring. It is also designed with unique bandwidth range covering both VHF and UHF measurement for different types of high voltage equipment such as vacuum switchgear and SF6 systems.


  • Non invasive measurement.
  • One integrated unit for both VHF and UHF PD measurement.
  • Typical 'snap shot test' time of 1 to 5 minute per equipment and short term PD monitoring of more than 7 days.
  • 6 channels for data acquisition (3 for UHF and 3 for VHF PD measurement).
  • Flexible PD measurement for all MV and HV equipment such as SF6 and vacuum systems.
  • Confirm PD measurement due to harmonics and variable loads in Monitoring mode.
  • Complement PD measurement taken by dissolved gas analysis (DGA) with PD in Oil measurement.
  • Verify measurements taken by Ultrasound, TEV and Acoustics sensors.
  • Locate the source and identify the PD type.
  • Determine PD severity and equipment health status.
  • User friendly DataAcq software for PD data collection.
  • Powerful PDFusionMax analysis software for noise rejection in PD analysis.