Partial Discharge Portable Analysers


  • Fast Processing Speed Portable
  • Non-Intrusive Safe Operation
  • Simple to use Non Destructive
  • Proven Research-based Signal Processing Techniques
  • Acquired PD data can be saved to hard drive of the PD-PAC
  • or any other portable media for further processing


  • Hybrid Methodology

    PD-Fusion™ software adopts an innovative “Hybrid” methodology in which multiple powerful noise separation techniques are fused together for superior PD analysis performance.

  • Adaptive Capability

    Unique technique of adaptive “selection of the best combination set of noise separation techniques” over fixed noise separation technique for different site condition.

  • Smarter

    With the above mentioned technologies, PD analysis can be carried out very accurately in almost any kind of site conditions.

  • Simple

    Easy to use Graphical Display coupled with automated processing & analysis makes it relatively easy tool even for novice users.