IOT Wireless Sensor Solution

This is a demonstration for safety prevention used in transport industry.

  • When the crane arm is overextended or forgot to retract.
  • An alarm and flashing light will be triggered.
  • When the crane arm is retracted back to its normal (Horizontal position), the alarm and flashing light will be disabled.
  • When the vehicle falls inside a pit hole, alarm and flashing light will also be triggered.
  • These will serve to inform and alert any personnel of any impending possible accident that may occurs due to unretract crane arm and dropping into pit holes.

All-In-One Wireless Monitoring Solutions

Operating a business efficiently, yet cost effectively is challenging. There’s plenty to worry about without having to expend precious (and costly) human resources to manually monitor things that could be automated.

Offers an easy-to-use, remote monitoring solution for those who need to know instantly when a problem starts. For example, monitor; server rack temperatures, server room humidity levels, detect water under sub-flooring, monitor office environments, doors and windows, monitor for unauthorized access to certain areas. Provides alerts via SMS text and Email when a specified condition is met. It’s easy to keep track of things, even when you’re not there.

  • Easy Installation (No Wires)

  • Wide Variety of Wireless Sensors for Various Applications

  • Free Online Monitoring Solution (Includes SMS Text and Email Alerts)

  • Save Time and Money

  • Prevent Costly Damages to Hardware and Facilities

  • Monitor From Anywhere Via Web and Mobile Apps

How Does It Work